“My wife makes great potato salad and we always take it to parties. My wife insists on using the Serve It Easy serving spoon to make it easy for people to serve themselves”

Brad, Oakville, Ontario

“Gone are the days of shaking food off that serving spoon and trying to get food to come off that fork. This is a sleek, nifty product that does not disappoint. I’d highly recommend this.”

Alan, Kansas City, Missouri

“I purchased a set of SIE utensils for my girlfriend and they have been great when hosting dinner and drink nights with friends and family. They’re easy to use, light weight, and dishwasher friendly. It’s a nifty tool to have in the kitchen and makes serving food that much easier – especially lasagna. Great product!”

Blake, Waterloo, Ontario

“I’m a big fan of new and improved and I must say they got this one right!  It’s ease and simplicity at its best.”

Eric, Maui, Hawaii

“This new utensil brings back the fun in serving large groups. The most efficient tool for us servers.”

Marco, Edmundston, New Brunswick

“To my surprise, the spoon was perfect to scoop out natural peanut butter from the bottom of the container! The fact that it disassembles makes it that much easier to clean.”

Nicole, Memramcook, New Brunswick

“I first found this product when at my friend’s house for a lady’s night. She had the fork setup by the appetizers which made it easy to pick-and-plate. I recently bought myself a set and found the fork useful when serving green beans and carrots to my family. It’s a versatile product in the kitchen at a fair price.”

Amie, Brampton, Ontario

“When I serve my special 5 layered salad, I enjoy using the spoon and fork as it allows me to push the serving portion off onto the plate all while allowing me to keep all the layers intact.”

Meredith, Kitchener, Ontario

“These utensils turned out to be the main event at my last dinner party, which didn’t surprise me at all. They were a big hit and all present couldn’t comment enough on them.”

Teresa, Sacramento, California

“I like that they can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleanup”

Judy, Waterloo, Ontario

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