Serve It Easy - The Original Spoon & Fork Set, The Better Way To Serve Food!

Serve It Easy® serving utensils have been designed to offer the ultimate food serving experience for everyone, from the occasional users to foodies and food connoisseurs wanting a quick, clean and easy food serving experience every time!

Incorporating innovative and unique “pusher” and “trigger” features, Serve It Easy® utensils assist you in serving food easily and cleanly!


Let’s face it … serving food with “typical” serving utensils is often challenging. It can be quite messy, difficult, awkward and just plain frustrating! …

• Using your fingers or another utensil to push meat off a serving fork
• Shaking off mashed potatoes, thick creamy salads, stuffing and other sticky foods from a regular serving spoon
• Having to put down your plate to use both hands to place food on your plate
• Leaving a mess on the counter or table after using regular serving utensils to serve food
• Not knowing where to place a serving utensil after using it

Sounds familiar right? … With Serve It Easy® utensils, you will never experience these problems again!


Each Serve It Easy® utensil incorporates a unique trigger and pusher not found on any other serving utensil! And it is with these innovative features and novel design that Serve It Easy® utensils address the frustration and inconvenience of serving food with regular serving utensils.

With Serve It Easy® utensils …
Easily push food off of your serving utensil using only one hand!
Place the food exactly where you want on your plate!
Keep your counter and table clean! Yes, the serving end sits off the counter or table!
Prevent serving utensils from falling in the serving bowl … Serve It Easy® utensils clip onto the edge of a bowl!
Disassemble quickly for easy cleaning

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