Simply the most convenient serving utensils available!

Makes serving sticky foods such as mashed potatoes, salads and stuffing easy and allows every serving to simply glide onto your plate – eliminating that crusty food build-up after multiple scoops.

Makes serving foods such as carved meats, vegetables, fruit and finger foods a breeze – no more shaking the fork to get the food onto your plate.

Quick, clean and easy with Serve It Easy utensils

Quick, clean and easy!

With Serve It Easy® utensils …
  • Easily push food off of your serving utensil using only one hand!
  • Place the food exactly where you want on your plate!
  • Keep your counter and table clean! Yes, the serving end sits off the counter or table!
  • Prevent serving utensils from falling into the serving bowl … Serve It Easy® utensils clip onto the edge of a bowl!
  • Disassemble quickly for easy cleaning

A must have for all occasions!

Perfect for:

  • Casual gatherings
  • Holiday get-togethers
  • Formal receptions
  • On camping trips
  • For BBQs
  • And every day at home or the office!

We know you will enjoy using
Serve It Easy® utensils as much as we do!

The Original
Spoon & Fork Set

The Original
Spoon & Fork Set


Additional Features

Other features of Serve It Easy® utensils include:

  • Ergonomic handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable – Unbreakable (under normal use)
  • Built with certified food grade materials
  • Heat resistant